NUA-STLOGO-sml-280x271As buildings become ever-smarter and move toward carbon-neutrality, LED is driving a revolution in the way lighting is designed, procured and connected. Nualight is at the forefront.

Nualight is a specialist LED technology company. We see LED as a controllable, configurable technology that makes buildings smarter.

We focus on retail, commercial and industrial niches where superior colour, comfort and control are valued. These are: grocery retail, high-rise office buildings, high-end manufacturing locations, global logistics facilities and parking structures.

Our LED lighting products are tailored for these markets.  They have a distinctive design DNA, with optical designs that minimise fixture count and excel in terms of colour, comfort and contrast. Ease of installation and minimalist form factor are core design values. We also act as a systems integrator for controls, bringing together the best and most innovative technology solutions from the market.

Intelligent lighting is key to our vision. Our products are designed to facilitate intelligent LED controls where they enhance user experience and/or accelerate payback.

Our R&D centres are located in Europe and we manufacture in Poland and Mexico. We sell turnkey solutions directly to strategic accounts in Europe and distribute our products via our European, North American and Australasian partner network.

As the built environment becomes smarter, we’re on a journey to create Smarter Spaces, where LED is one of the many inter-connected technologies in smarter buildings, and where lighting is not only a key driver of sustainability, but of enhanced human experience and business success.